Here you can find all my pictures I have ever made with my dear cameraman. Of course, all here is 100% exclusive, I didn't send my photos anywhere else and I am not going to make it anyway. This is the place where I decided to show myself and lets it be the only. My pictures show me exactly how I am, I'm not trying to look different than in reality, little make-up, smile on my face and nice clothes, this is my way to present myself for you. Hope that you'll like them all, I especially selected best photos, leaving these worse for myself ;) Don't worry about quality, we are professionals so best cameras and highest quality are guaranteed. You'll see that together with time, we are learning new things and becoming better. I hope that in the future, my gallery will contain really many of my photos, give us some time on updates and you will see. For this time, enjoy what you already have inside and be sure to have more soon. Seeya!

My Photo Album
I hope that you never thought of me that I am brave and naughty girl, didn’t you? Truth looks very different! Sonia is usual polish girl who doesn’t even like when someone takes a family photo of her, just think what is when it comes to posing ;) A tragedy! But what to do, job is job ;) I am joking, that’s just my hobby. New hobby!

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