My pictures are cool, sure, but only in motion you can see how I really am. I cared abut that to have them in highest DVD quality only, I select everything we filmed and put here only these scenes that I like most and think that should attract your eyes and give some pleasure. I am sure that you'll like them all, it's not the end, we will film another episodes, this is just the beginning of all adventure so you can expect more and more, very soon. I hope that you'll see that from movie to movie, I am better and better in what I do, I try to be best I can and I expect full understanding and patience. Forgive me my shyness and small experience, everything will go but I need some time to get used to this all. Anyway, what exist already has my recommendation and I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed of any single vide is here. I wish you to spend pleasant time with me inside, kisses!

My Movies

Balcony photoshooting
This is very first time for me so be nice for her. I am still little shy and look innocence but believe that there is real devil inside of me! But you just have to make me eager to show it off. Your smiled face when watching me posing almost nude seems to be good way to make it. My huge treasures on the balcony between fresh flowers, unforgettable time...
Do you think guys who could see me there were happy? I tried to make everything for them on this balcony, even my panties somehow disappeared somewhere for a while ;) Ok, the truth is that we were still on this beautiful palace and there were no one who could observe me, maybe just the gardener could be hidden in plants, in the other way, I would never make it ;)
As my boobies need a care, plants and flowers too. There was no one who wanted to water them so I got to make it. Dont know why I forgot to wear anything on me ;) This should be completely enough to convince you to come in? If not Ill tell you another thing. You know that watering demands kneeing down? Yeah, see you inside!
The rest

Pretending a statue.
Remember those pics of me pretending a statue? This is movie made exactly then. You can see how difficult and dangerous it was for me to make it ;) But I know that you will observe my bouncing boobies more and ass when I am kneeing down there. I like this video, honestly, its a some kid of souvenir from holidays for me. The idea of this set was great, we have to make it again another summer, but maybe somewhere else...
What a lovely monument stays in this garden, I really enjoyed it and had to shot few photos on a souvenir ;) it was good idea to place me there, wasnt it? Made few different poses so now you can choose your favorite and put it on your monitor display. The artist who made this had be very talented , dont you think? It looks almost like real person! ;)
Sonia - Crew


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